Terms and conditions

General Terms and Conditions


At Missionworks, it’s all about optimising your environment to help you work better, and feeling good as you do. So we want you to enjoy the time you spend here, have a sense of fulfillment, and go home closer to achieving your mission, whatever that may be.

As such, we have devised our Ways of Working, essentially a set of house rules to ensure you get the most out of your working experience with us.


We are currently open from 9am - 6pm, Monday to Friday. In order to access the building you will need your mobile device and have downloaded the Missionworks app. Please do not share access credentials or your device to allow others into the building. Main building access is via the Iffley Road entrance.

Our Community Manager is available onsite Monday - Friday, 9am - 6pm and can be found in the reception area or around the building. They can also help you with access requirements.

Access to the bike store is permitted only for pre-approved users. Please speak with the Community Manager to arrange this.


Cycling to work? Let the Community Manager know to grant you access to the bike storage from Tabor Road. Space is limited, and works on a first come, first serve basis.


CCTV cameras are in place and recording 24/7 throughout the building, footage is stored offsite. The Community Manager has access to the footage.


Fire - the building is fire alarm controlled. In the event of a fire all doors are released. The assembly point is the opposite side of the building on Iffley Road, and our team are trained to assist.


Day pass users are not permitted to invite guests to the space. Should you wish to invite a colleague or client, please also ask them to purchase a day pass.

All other Membership types can invite guests to visit them, however they need to be registered via the app, and be met on arrival, where they will be signed in.

Please also note you are responsible for your guests throughout their stay. Your guest should receive a dedicated guest Wifi network and code once you register them. If you need these details, please contact the Community Manager.


Our reception team will accept any letters and small to medium parcels on your behalf if these do not require a signature. Where possible we will send the delivery company directly to your desk or office if a signature is required.

Please note we take no responsibility for any stolen, lost or damaged parcels or letters. We will place these in your allocated mailbox.

Day pass users and Hot Deskers cannot utilise Missionworks for postal or delivery purposes, other than food delivery.


Day pass users are welcome to use any breakout, hot desk and communal areas throughout the building however please refrain from using vacant meeting rooms or permanent desks. If you would like to use a meeting room, please book and pay for this on the Missionworks member portal.

Standing desks are available for all members on a first come first serve basis.


Our honesty pantry in the kitchen area is for all to use, however products must be purchased at time of consumption, either via PAYG or adding to your Membership account. Theft is not tolerated.


This urban oasis is a retreat from the city. All members can use this space to escape to become focused and creative. In order to enable this we ask that noise is limited between 10am - 12pm, and 3-5pm daily, and so no phones are allowed at these times.


Coffee & tea are complimentary and available from the kitchen and tea points throughout the building. The kitchen area is equipped with a refrigerator, induction hob, oven and microwave which all members can use. Please cover/wrap your food and make sure your lunchbox is labelled! All perishables and leftovers will be cleaned out on the weekend, and we do not take any responsibility for leftover items.

The Kitchen and Nest area are there for you and your team to relax, unwind and collaborate with like-minded individuals. If you have a formal meeting, we kindly ask you to book a meeting room to ensure no one interrupts it. All our crockery and cutlery are dishwasher safe, please help us to keep communal kitchenettes tidy and place dishes in a dishwasher after use.

We kindly ask you not to take away cutlery and crockery from the kitchen. If you are likely to have takeaways please bring your own cutlery.


Lockers are provided for dedicated desk members only. Personal padlocks are required, please speak to our Community Manager for further information.


We have several meeting rooms available to be booked on half-hourly and hourly slots. To access any of our meeting rooms please make a booking through our Missionworks Members Portal or speak to our Community Manager. All meeting room TVs are equipped with Airplay (Apple) and Connect (Windows) to screen share. HDMI cables are available on request.

In our community, members are required to leave meeting rooms clean and tidy for the next occupiers, and vacant on time.


You must enter your payment details into the Missionworks Members’ Site. By providing your payment details, you accept and consent to your card or bank account being charged with applicable fees through our online Missionworks Members’ Site, both on joining and periodically thereafter as required.

In the case of Day Pass users payment will be taken at time of booking. For other members this will be subject to the particular Membership type.


We will use the personal information you provide to us in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Memberships and day passes are non-transferrable and will be suspended if found being used for access by anyone other than the applicable user, and any misuse will be taken into consideration upon any request for additional access or renewal.


Missionworks does not take liability for personal possessions left in the building during the day or night. Please keep your items safe and if of value take them home when you leave.


Pets are allowed in locked offices only and are the pet owner's sole responsibility when in Missionworks. All pets are to be accompanied throughout the building at all times. It’s a shared space and so please consider all of our members' needs.


We have two phone booths on the ground floor. These are specifically designed to take private calls that cannot be taken in your office or communal areas. We operate these on a first come – first serve basis. We kindly ask you to ensure that those are used for private calls only and not general working, time is limited to 30 minutes.


Scanning, copying, and printing are available at the printer station. For day pass users, you will need to purchase printing credit and can be done via the Missionworks member portal or speak to the Community Manager.

Members will be allocated printing credits within your membership, if you run out, or need to buy print credits, please go to the Missionworks Members portal.


Showers include a complimentary towel service, plus shower amenities. Please leave the space clean and tidy for the next person, and drop your used towel in the laundry bin. There is also a hanging clothes dryer, please follow the usage instructions and don’t forget to collect your items at the end of the day.


Missionworks is a no smoking/vaping zone, and any smoking must take place on the public pavement outside the building.


We constantly monitor the performance and usage of the network to ensure top speed is available for all members. P2P and web trawling is strictly prohibited, restrictions on connectivity will be placed on any users and penalties may apply.